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    whats the best gatorade or powerade any difference?

    sorry if this is a stupid question but its been bothering me or a wile lol........i personally think gtorade tastes better i love the glacier freze flavors but in my gym theres both and i was wondernig if there is a difference at all?

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    I don't like gatoraid, nor none of the power drinks, only if I am going to be working out right before or after my workout. Nothing but pure sugar. The only time you will find me with a gatoraid or sports drink in my hand is if I need some quick energy before a workout. Every now and then after a workout, but right after to replenish my fluids. I stick with good ole fashioned water.

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    Gatorade is better......The water sucks, it really, really sucks !!!!!!

    Gatorade ? Powerade ? There is no difference. Just 2 different brands competing for money. Go with whatever tastes better.

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