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Thread: 1-test, minors

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    1-test, minors

    Hey! I am doing a research for my class, I would like to know if any minors being under the age of 18, have used 1-test or any derivative being 1-AD. I would like to know your expierence with the stuff. Side effects is what I am mainly looking at. I would like to know if you are still growing, height wise. What gains did you get. And how did the cycle look like. Cause I am trying to run an experiement hypothesizing that 1-test and the nor's PH's, and possibly deca ; dont stunt growth. Cause it converts to another chemical in the body not directly Estrogen or Testosterone . Please any input I will appreciate.

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    i think that moderate steroid use will not stunt growth. The statement "any steroid use will stunt growth in teens" is a crock of shit.
    All i know is what i have experienced firsthand:

    At the age of 15 i took dbol 25mged for 5 weeks, couple months later i did it again. This continued until i became educated(AR) I think i did 5rounds of the dbol. When i started at the ripe old age of 15 i was 5'9" at the age of 17 i am 6'1" pushing 6'2". Something to think about...
    And about the 1test i will be taking some myself after i finish up with the Bigcat stack. Let me know what you find out

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