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    post cycle supplements?

    These are the supplements I have lined up post cycle. Cell-Tech, glutamine, optimum nutrition whey protein. My question is do I need anything else really to stay strong and keep most of my gains. I heard tribulus helps get test back to normal, is that true? Is there anything else besides Clomid that will keep estrogen from ruining my gains and size. What about Chrysin?

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    Ballplayer- I read one of your previous posts but I don't remember if it described what you are taking on your cycle. The supplements that you described are wonderful and should be taken all-the-way through your cycle, not just at the end. Unfortunately, they offer no real help in maintaining gains. Clomid is not a very strong anti-estrogen. It's use is to stimulate your gonads to start producing more of their own testosterone and hopefully get the production back to normal levels fairly quickly! The 'loss' of gains can be due to several things; loss of waterweight and an abnormally high estrogen level are the two most common culprits. I don't know what you were taking or how much, but I recommend doing some fast research, my friend. This is something you should have thought about before waaay before starting a cycle....

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    Take the clomid and tribulis post cycle both will help elavate your own natural test levels.Glutamine is always a must.Creatine can help you hang onto some of the weight gained but the most important thing to remember is that you have to adjust your diet to eat for the new weight that you are

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