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    600mg of 1 ad how should i take it

    how should i spread it out .....

    2pills in the morning....2 before i work out.... 2 nite time

    i wake up at 6.30 and work out at 11

    and do u take it on your rest day

    and wut kinda gains can i see with 10 days on it cause there is only 60 pills and each pill is 100mg

    i am 197lbs 7% bf
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    The Resistance
    youll need to use them for more then 10 days to see effects.
    about 4 weeks.
    i dont think that taking 600mg of PH Every Day for 4 weeks can be good for your health. do you?

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    Please do a search on 1AD. there have been some good threads on dosages to take, length of time, and results. Thanks.

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