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    some supplements seem so tasty

    i know his may seem like weird one but it seem wheneva i see a new flavor of sumthing i have to try it lol. i am not one of those people who buy all the latest sups like hmb,methoxy or even prohronmones but when i see coconut flvaored protein powder i buy it lol.....the worst is creatine i had to try swoll because jungle juice sounded sogood lol the worst was trac creatine lemon ice i was dying to tryt it sounded so goo and refreshing after a hardwrk ...dam it tasted terrible i almot puked.....bu coconut protien powder was ok and the jungle juie was the bets tasting powder yet i think is anyone else out there that thinks like me lol?

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    I'm the same way with protein flavors, myoplex, lean body, etc.... Variety is the spice of life, bro!

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    I remember in the mid-90's when Champion Nutrition had about 8 different flavors for their weight gainer protein and I couldn't help but wonder if they were any good. I hate when a company produces a protein mix with all kind of "fattening" flavors (apple pie a la mode, strawberry cheesecake, etc.) but they still taste like crap.

    So I prefer to stick with either Beverly International's 100% Protein, which is natural flavored (That way, I can mix Ovatene in it and get great taste and extra vitamin) or Optimum Nutrition's Anabolic Activator (any flavor).

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