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    im thinking about taking hydroycut or the other brands like that

    im thinking about taking hydroycut or the other brands like that. i am not a fat guy but i have a little fat and stuff on my wait stomach area and i have some pretty nice abs but the fat covers alot of it up. i am a very thin guy except in that area and i want to loose it and turn it into muscle or just get rid of the fat. i do lots of chrunces and shit and eat a pretty good diet i dont worry about fat in my diet b/c i dont get anymore fatter. so i was thinking about trying those 2 products but are they safe? i dont wna die cause i heard some are dangerious

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    If you have psychological problems have paranoia etc take the ephedrine free version. It has been proven that ephedrine, in fragilized individuals, can lead to acute psychosis. Try the lawyer network.
    Otherwise, its safe.

    DNP is another one, and extremely dangerous. But you can search, but I wouldnt recomend it. Tried it, PM me if you want the disastrous results.

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