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    "Home-made" suggestions

    Okay, despite what people might think about the products, I'm pretty well sold on the benefit of a supp such as somanbol or nitrovarin...having made some great gains during a time period when i set my alarm for 3:00am for a protein shake. What i'm not sold on, however, is the price. Given that, anyone know exactly what steps i might take to duplicate its effectiveness with a homemade version of the "real deal" (much like the self-made cell tech suggestions that come up from time to time)? I'm aware of the fact whey protein would be a poor choice, and will probably use casein. The ZMA component should be easy enough to duplicate with common supps found at wal-mart and such. Any key components i'm missing? I'm assuming you don't want a whole lot of carbs in there, but mixing it with milk might slow down the digestion process somewhat...which is the end goal here. Any thoughts? Additionally, i think it'd be cool if we could maybe start a collection of self-made supplements like this or the creatine delivery system (sorta like the recipes section) to save people from throwing their hard earned cash t misleading supp companies.

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    what i used to do before i worked out was mix

    5g Creatine(ast micronized)
    5g Gaba
    5g Glutamine
    5g sugar(dont ask my why, i just did it for no good reson)
    and isotonic powder into 500ml water.

    i thaught this was a good think to do and was pretty cheep to make compared to some of the crap out there.

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