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    how to eat more food

    anything i can eat or take besides b12 shots to make me hungrier. I'm an ectomorph and try an eat as much as i can. I find now i'm never hungary anymore. I have high calorie shakes that kinda slides them in. anything else i can do...

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    B12 may not necessarily make you hungrier, so don't bank on it. Not eating sufficiently (whether it's dieting or bulking) is the first part about learning the discipline of weightlifting. Try adding a extra meal every week till you are at a desired amount (no less then 6 if you're trying to put on the weight). Sooner or later you'll be where you want to be and you'll be hungrey every 2 hours or so.


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    im so jelious, i wish i had a problem putting on weight. =P

    seriously though, the grass is always greenier on the other side i know =)

    Try changing your food up from time to time, maybe you are tired of what your eating and that is impacting your modivation to eat

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    do a search for this thread "Hardgainers part 2 The Skinny Bastard Diet" alot of good info in the article.


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