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Thread: B12 Vitamin

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    Question B12 Vitamin

    I am ingesting a B12vitamin capsule (500mcg) per day ....

    it is good? or 1000 , 1500 mcg would be better?

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    get all the B6 and B12 and C Vitamins in your body that you can. those vitamins will never hurt you, your body will just use what it needs and get rid of the rest. dont over dose on any other vitamins though because they are very dangerous.

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    Cool And now, the correct CLINICAL answer...

    At 500 mcg per day, you are already getting 8,333% of the daily value of Vitamin B12.

    The good news is that any extra Vitamin B12 you ingest over your own daily need will be excreted in the urine. If, however, you had a Vitamin B12 deficiency (which you probably do not), the oral B12 wouldn't do much good anyway; this is why some people receive monthly injections of cyanocobalimin (injectable B12) - it metabolizes more effective when given intramuscular rather than oral.

    As for the Vitamin C, too much of it is a good thing - Vitamin C in large doses is a natural laxative. (I could have let you find that out on your own, but you would have a shitty experience. Ba-da-bum! )

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    What does B12 do that is so special?

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