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Thread: Schedule?

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    Just wondering what was everyones supplement shedule was, i need one for myself, just picked up some creatine, glut, whey, b5, milk thistle..and sum multivitamins. I havent been on a strict supp. schedule for some time, and i want sum suggestions on when and how much to take......


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    chinups Guest
    Take creatine 5 grams before and after workout
    Glutamine- 5g after and 5 before bed
    Protein after workout

    Then I take multi before bed so I don't piss out
    vit c morning noon night
    also I take glucosomine, pricey though
    never used milk thistle, whats that for
    I also take ginger root a half hour before every meal, make my stomch feel good, no nasty ass gas
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    My understanding is that milk thistle is largely for use in liver protection...i believe russian weightlifters and scientists during the late 70's that were the first to discover its use in conjuction with the harsh oral steroids (d-bol in particular) seriously diminished the ill effects of said 17-aa's on the liver. So, it's usually advisable to use it in conjuction with a cycle involving anything harsh on the liver, though i have heard of people using it when they go heavy on creatine, even though i'm not aware of any credible information that points to creatine use as a potential threat to the liver. As a sidenote, i have a friend who uses them as part of his hangover cocktail that he consumes every night before bed when heavy drinking had gone consists of milk thistle, gatorade, vitamin B and a banana. He swears by it

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    yea im gunna do..
    creatine 5g, before and after workout, like i always did..
    glutamine 5g, after workout, and before bed..
    Whey, morning with breakfast, after workout, and before bed...

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