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    Okay, time to admit to being scammed

    As much as we like to fancy ourselves pseudo-experts (and, indeed, most on this board are incredibly informative...i mean, the amalgam of info on this board rivals virtually any source out there), we often forget that we were once new, uninformed suckers. So, let's hear it, back when you were a wide-eyed newbie, what supplement ad with its eye-catching before and after pics or pro testimonial got you? I'll start it off: when i was 19 i started lifting and made some great gains off the start, and somehow became convinced that DHEA was in fact legal steroids . I bought a bottle at CVS or something, planned a "cycle" and popped all of one tab before i became hypochondric and believed i was on my way to liver cancer, gyno and male pattern baldness and quit. But, that wasn't the end of my saga, for the very next day i went out and purchased the ENTIRE muscle tech stack (the original with hydroxycut, their original creatine and, i think, ES-3000). Yup, that's right, no matter what i accomplish in life, i'll always know that for at least two months, I had no business even calling myself semi-intelligent.

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    I'll wait to see who else got duped before I spill my guts I had couple of run-ins with Muscletech as well...

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    lol. you name it i have taken it..the creatine serum may as well be kool-aid...magnesium pills, Z mass PM for strength...bah!! Cell tech which in my case did NOTHING but burn my throat. I will say that AST's 19-nor 250 worked really well for me, however i got some small lumps in my breasts now from it=\

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    I'll just say one thing.... Does anyone here remember the original CYBERGENICS? What a bunch of SHITTY SHIT! that CRAP! was

    Put me down for 1 scam please

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    It's good to know that someone on this post is Old School!
    I had my Cybergenics order come in the mail and you would've thought the mailman was Santa Claus!

    I've hit Boran, Aminos, Inosine (now that's an old one), Vanadyl, the Animal Pak that contained every supplement ever created, HCA, chromium picolinate, ... okay, I think I've embarrassed myself enough now. Well, at least I never tried Joe Weider Mega Mass 10,000!

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