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Thread: vitamin c

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    vitamin c

    I reccently started taking 2000mg vitamin c (2 tabs) a day. It also has bioflavonoids 10mg, rosehips 5mg, acerola 5mg. Found it dries out my skin quite bad the next day. I drink about a litre of water a day. Whats the deal?

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    Could it be that you're taking 3,332% of the daily recommend value of Vitamin C per day? (For the Europeans reading this, who use commas as we use periods in the west, yes - that does mean three thousand, three hundred thirty-two percent.)

    You can get too much of a good thing; especially Vitamin C, which acts as a laxative if you take too much of it.

    As always, if you start takig anything - AS or supplement - and you have a negative reaction, your body is trying to tell you something. You're either taking something you shouldn't be taking, or you're taking waaaaaaaay too much. Listen to your body.

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    Vitamin C can be toxic from what I've heard at exagerated levels..

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    Not sure whats the right amount. I know it is an important anti-oxidant. I usually take a multi in the morning and then late afternoon tak one 500mg vitamin c.

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    i take 500 in the morning and 500 in the pm. since vitamin c lasts 12 hours in your system. or thats what i have read so i split my dosages.

    my system seems to really like it so for me atleast its ok. like the bro's said, your body will tell you if your screwing up so make sure you hear what its saying to you.

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