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    My supp stack, please critique

    i havent takin a single supplement since a year ago. And ive made significant gains in that time just from my own body. But now im lookin to gain weight and strength so heres my supplement stack

    after breakfast im going to have a weight gain shake, then before my workout im takin acetibolin II, after the work out im taking cell tech. and with each meal ill be taking 3 aminos by twinlab. and ill be takin my vitemans of course.

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    to gain weight, all you need is an abundance of calories.
    Acetabolan 2 won't do much for you
    Cell-tech is a top-notch product but too expensive
    Amino's are all right, you should look into desicated liver. Its a cheap source of aminos
    Just eat,eat,eat, and you'll put on weight. Try eating every 2 hours

    All i currently take is a multivitamin and weight gainer(Nlarge)

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