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    Fat burners, any good ones, more......

    Im not fat at all, Im pretty solid and strong.. Im looking for something(along with a very strick diet, and workout plan) to cut up my stomach, So I can see a perfect 6pack, and add some extra hardness to toneness to me upper body. I wanna get ripped, and most importantly, not loose any muscle... I got some Xendrine, but dont really like it that much, but only took it for a week...What supplements can help me achieve a 6pack, and rip me up a bit and still be gaining muscle...thanks

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    At the GYM waiting for you...where you at?
    I'm doing the same thing right now. I'm taking creatiine to help me with strenght and size, also Glutamine to preserve all that hard earned muscle gained during mu bulk. I take about 2 protien shakes and MRP a day. I eat lean lots of protein 5-6 times a day.
    Now that fat burner is another thing I have some Xenadrine right now but I'm going to run out soon, so I was wondering whether Staker 2 or something else works better(anyone?). I do cardio 4 times week 10min treadmill(Low- mid Intens), 10 min Stair master(high) and 10 min bike (max), with no rest in between. Hoping this will work pretty well, but yeah, I am also wondering about the fat burner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleman89 View Post
    try winny works a treat
    please ignore the troll, jungle cat will be gone soon^

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