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Thread: Mag-10

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    My first 12 days on Mag-10
    stacking it with Tribex-500
    and biotest-M. Using
    Spirosome as a fat Burner
    by ICD labs. Following "The
    Mag-10 plan for success".
    My strength increased
    tremendously! my biceps
    where 16 when I started. I
    measured them yesterday
    AND today and the are a
    solid 17 and a quarter.
    Tribex-500 is making my
    girlfriend Love me!!
    Spirosome is the best fat
    burner i have ever tried
    and trust me I have tried
    them all over the counter
    and under! I gained 9
    pounds of rock hard muscle
    and went from a 34-32 inch
    waist. Still have allot of
    work to go to be were i would like to be!! but i will be
    cycling Mag-10 for the next
    few months. I have seen
    better results from mag-10
    then from the cycles of
    have does in the past of
    the real shit!! I might be
    able to buy gear for the
    same money? i can
    honestly say that for me
    Mag-10 Worked better
    then i ever expected.

    On a bad note: the
    Spirsome taste awful and
    the Mag-10 feels like it is
    eating at the back of you
    throat it is so harsh. aside
    from that NO complaint's

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    This is a supplement post not AS post.

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    Originally posted by tt333
    This is a supplement post not AS post.
    Not only that but you posted the exact same thing in the supps forum. I'll move this one there as well. You have been asked once before to post in the proper forums and you have shown disrespect to vetran members in the past as well. This will be your first and only warning, DO NOT go down that road again!!

    BTW...this is just my opinion but I don't beleive a word of what you are claiming.

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    guys I have been using Mag-10 too..but haven't noticed this product is a waste then??..i'm only on my second week of Mag-10.

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    Land of milk and honey.
    I have not heard many good things about MAG10. Personally have seen results from 1AD and nothing else. Do a search on it, there are plenty of comments.

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