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Thread: ripped fuel

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    ripped fuel

    just wondering what you guyz think of this stuff...... most ppl tell me its shit.

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    I have had positive results from them. Just not at normal levels. i take a few but still gets me modivated.

    All the thermos are almost the same. sure some add different things but its basically ECA.

    Just find a product you like and if it heats you up some, and gets you going.. screw what others say.

    Hydroxycut is about the only thing i dont reccomend. they are good but not for the money. (some cant live without it hehe)

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    i have found ripped fuel to be the best fat burner/energy pill i have used at the same dosages....

    i'm still waiting for some yellow jackets, but they are stronger and a higher does

    i have like 1.5 years experience with fat burners... i like ripped fuel the best , it is chaeper than most as well

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