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    creatine question

    I've been reading a few posts on creatine and doses, and just wanted to check on a few things. Alot of people say they take 10 g a day...5 pre workout and 5 post workout. I was just wondering if taking 10 g after a workout is any good, or is 10g at once too much. I'm 5'8'" ish
    and weigh 175lbs, 20 yrs old. So I guess i was just looking for some opinions as to the best way of taking it.

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    Hey bro I dont know bout others but I only take 5 grams a day and thats enough for me. Got some good gains on it, but most of what i have read says 5g was plenty. I take it at different times doesnt seem to matter when. I am 5'8" weigh 188. weighed 145 less than a year ago. Creatine was one of the first things I tried and it put 10lbs on me in about 10 days. loading phase is about 10 g a day for three days or so then 5 after that seemed to work good.

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