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Thread: Tribulus

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    Question Tribulus

    Hi there

    surfing across the black hole called the internet, i stumbled across a bottle of pills named tribulus. It is supposed to be a natural replacement for steroids . Anyone had any good/bad experience with it?
    Please let me know.

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    Yes if any of you guy can find info on that product, i would be grantful too..

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    I've used it... it increased my sex drive for a couple of days but had no "steriod like effects." I used tribestan.

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    You want to get from a reputable company for effective results. IMO, Tribestan and Tribex are the two best pure Tribulis sups out there. Acetobolan is a good blend.

    Tribulis Terretis works on your leutinizing hormone (LH) that tells your body to produce testosterone . The higher your LH - the more testosterone that your body produces.

    But Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids work in a different fasion. Tribulis is closer to post sycle therapy like HCG , and Clomid which help to return natural testosterone.

    I think it is most effective during the last few weeks of a training macrocycle (say... a six week program for hypertrophy) to keep off overtraining... when natural testosterone levels being to dip. And continued through a one week break before beginnning a new training cycle.

    Older athletes (post 30 years of age) may find more frequent use very beneficial at raising LH.

    Final word on Tribulis: You get what you pay for. Get a reputable brand for the best concentraion of the herb's beneficial properties. I frequently recommend Tribestan (Sopharma - a pioneer in Tribulis supplements), Tribex 500 (Biotest) or Acetobolan (MuscleTech).

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