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    wanna bulk and need help

    hey guys forget the lean bulk because i heard that is really hard to do, i wanna just bulk and get as big and strong as possible, which supplements will help me get that way? i am 15 years old, 5"10 163 pounds looking to go to about 175, all i did was cell-tech got ok results from it but really killed me with tha cost. please help.

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    CellTech is good product and you can find it cheaper on the internet. Try Get you some protein, l-glut and muti vit.

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    Training for muslcular hypertopy and strength can be worked into one training cycle by using alternate days. You mention bulk and strength in your post.

    Have a heavy day with low reps, 3-4 minute rests inbetween sets. Then a hypertrophy workout with a 5-12 rep and 1-3 minute rests. Also utilize some giant sets, negatives and drop sets on the hypertrophy days. Your hypertophy workouts will tax your CNS, and body more and you should allow about 5-6 days rest inbetween workouts. Strength workouts can get away with 3-4 days of rest before retraining. Remember smaller bodyparts can be worked more often than larger ones.

    This is an advanced routine and at your age it might induce overtraining. You can give it a shot but if you start to feel lathargic and less motivated... switch to a less taxing program and increase your rest days. Remember that your routine should include the basic compound lifts.

    And yes - EAT. This will help recovery and give your body the resources it needs to change.

    General sups for your cycle in order of importance: Water, whole foods, multivitamin (timed release), glutamine, and creatine. There are many more to add, but these can give you a good baseline for proper nutrition.

    Remember - to look abnormal, you must eat abnormal. And eat BIG.

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