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Thread: no2 ever used

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    no2 ever used

    has anyone ever used no2 i just orderd some

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    I tried it once, and am about to buy another bottle. Good pumps, and the hidden secret is that it prevents hang overs. Like I said, I am going to givr it another shot before going to the darkside. Good gains, but I was more concerned with weight lose, which it plus a good diet did.

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    I found that it wasnt much good until I stacked it with creatine. then it worked like a charm. I gained an extra 2 lbs and my muscles felt fuller and more pumped at rest. The problem is the price. I have often wondered if plain old arginine would do the same. After all arginnine is known to help with erections a la viagra. NO2 is just arginine ketoglutarte. or more plainly arginine coupled with glutamine. anyway, of anybody wants to try it, let me know. right now I am cuttin and so it will be a while before i try it.

    hope this helps.

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