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    T2 Thyroid Supp.

    Has anybody tryed these T2 Thyroid Supplements. They sound interesting from there advertisements, but you can never beleive what these companies tell you. Has anyone had any experiance with this product? Did you get good results?

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    i have just done some searching, I really dont know anything about t2 apart from the supp made by biotest, I know abot t3 and t4, imo you are better off just sticking with t3, I have had good resulls with it and so have countless others. Sorry I cant help with the supp cos I never tried it


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    I Have to Bump this one.......

    Heres what I know...
    T2 was banned and most companies were forced to change their ing...
    I believe that the only comp to keep the same was SANN....
    I was also wondering if they work, cause Id like to add them to a ECA type any info on the "original" T2....meaning not Biotest's
    Version..Would be great!


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    the real T2: 3,5 diiodo-thyronine is not what biotest currently sells

    it is a viable thyroid compound as it selectively enhances Brown Fat Metabolism and is not catabolic as T3 potentially is

    for sale as solution at if anyone is interested at much cheaper than Sann

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