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    Talking 1-ad / 19 nor stack 2nd week review + questions

    So i am just about to finish my second week tommorow and heres what i have experienced:
    I am using a taper on / taper off dosage curve look below:

    for full details on supps, routine, dosages click HERE

    First week : noticed i am back to the strength i was at after struggling for two weeks(coming out of a 3 week ankle injury...barely worked out upped body). sex drive was a bit down. nothing major. feeling great.
    a couple of spots here and there.

    second week :

    the good:
    strengh is through the roof(20% more weights than last week)
    stamina and endurance are also up
    having sex takes a while to get going, but everything works fine. the orgasms are much more intense than usual!
    spots cleared up
    people are noticing a visible improvement

    the bad:
    sex drive is very low
    slight burning sensation when pissing, though stops completely when the stream ends (anyone know why this happens?)
    a lot of body aches, i get muscle spasms very easily in the same area if i stretch in a certain direction!

    general bad : no way i can get to sleep if i take my last dose of 1ad after 10pm!
    Weight went up from 86KG(1st day) up to 91KG(today), i guess thats pretty good .

    Some questions:
    * what type of rec drugs are safe with this combo? mdxx etc? (alcohol and hydrocodone etc are fine). just curious to know, but i am certain i wont be using anything untill the end of this cucle and the recovery.

    * should i add ALA? i have enough for 600mg/day for 3 weeks, will it be worth it?

    i would really appreciate any comments on the cycle etc
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    today i started my 3rd week, at 800mg 1-ad and 300mg 19-nor.
    and adding 1 dose of ECA and 1600mg nootropil (piracetam)

    and damn, this was the best workout ive had in ages
    my weights for chest went up another 10 pounds on the last set on almost all excercises.

    to those who are wondering about nootropil...think of it as eca for the brain
    brilliant stuff and works even better on this cycle

    on a bad note, that burning sensation when peeing is back but its ok!

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    No benefit does tapering down bring, unless the concern is purely financial (not enough money or product to run the same high dosing to the cycle's conclusion). "Burning piss" and lethargy are common occurrences with 1AD (or oral 1-Test), but mainly more so the latter and less so the former. The wilt of the libido is also an experience had by many (and can be countered with 4-Diol, or Tribulus).

    I'd save the ALA for when you're dieting down. Any drug that can elevate blood pressure should be avoided as well as those that can interfere with muscular gains (Alcohol, for example, and if you do drink it should be kept to a minimum).

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    who makes 1-ad and the 19 nor stack? is 19 nor whats in andro?

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    link for the product is in the description above.

    Update: end of week3
    massive week, went up on all lifts, skipped a day because i was feeling a bit sick but next morning i was fine again.

    start of week 4: very tiring start, more likely to bad timing of meals. still the first day though so i am still hoping

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