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    L-Glutimine Question

    How much should i take a day any it and will i gain weight for it i heard its like creatine.

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    i don't think u should gain any weight because of it. If u're doing cardio then u need much more, here is my schedule.

    5g before workout
    5g after workout
    5g just before bed

    If i'm cutting i will just add 5g before and 5g after cardio.

    Also u should check your protein, alot of protein shakes already have glutamine in them.

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    A serving should be at least 2 grams for positive effects. 5-10 grams is better.

    Glutamine can assist in gaining weight via many different favorable effects. The most simple being it is the most abundant amino acid in a muscle tissue - and you are trying to grow right? As well as faster recovery, growth hormone secretion, and on and on...

    It does not act similar to Creatine in HOW it works. But, Glutamine is more of a staple supplement than Creatine.

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