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    Cell Tech before and after the gym?????

    I am taking cell tech as well. Now I know the bottle says take one in the morning, and one after your workout. I like to take it about 30-45 minutes before my workout because it gives me crazy energy and I put up weights I couldn't even fathom. Is it better to follow the bottles instructions, or do you guys think taking a 1/2 serving pre-workout and 1/2 a serving post-workout would do the trick. Thanx

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    People do both, But i cannot afford to do both so I take my Cell-Tech after I workout. Take the Hydroxycut before working out to give you some energy.

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    Ok...I was wondering the same.
    tt333 - I have followed your posts and it is clear you love the shit..
    However, i am not rich enough to pay for the real thing I have ALA, Creatine, Dextrose, Vanadyl, taurine, and gluitamine..
    So, I was gonna mix 5mg, and Vanadyl (40mgs) with dextrose pre lifing (30mins)
    Post I would use 5 mgs, dextrose(30mgs), Glutamine(5mgs), whey(42mgs) taurine and vandyl

    What do you think?
    Or anybody...kinda wondering whats the best??? To you Personally.

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