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    Time realesed protein shkes and regular protein shkes

    whats the difference

    here can i take time realesed as my everyday protein

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    time released is b.s. propaganda put out by companies. basically all proteins have different amino acid profiles which cause them to take more or less time to digest. whey protein is absorbed fastest and the rest are slower. time release usually just means they mix a few different types of protein together so that you get a more steady release of protein over a few hours instead of the spike that you get with whey. yes, i you can use it as your everyday protein. i like met-rx.

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    Well, first off the difference is one is whey (i assume) and the other is overpriced whey.
    If you want a "timereleased" protein that works well, just get caseinate, or a nice mix of a vunch, like isomatrix or v60....
    These are digested a lot slower than whey and will work better than the the designer "TR Whey"...its my humble opinion... but others disagree, its up to you.

    Good Luck..

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