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    nitrogen depletion in muscles

    I have been working out extremely intensely for track now and i am sore for the whole week, after my weekend it starts back up again. I'm assuming that the soreness is from the nitrogen depletion in my muscles after an intense workout. So my question is what supplements can i take in order to balance the nitrogen in my muscles without the use of creatine? i heard aginine is good and so is nitro tec but that's a little on the expensive side. By the way i am currently taking glutamine, however that doesn't seem to help my soreness.

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    Well, the sorenoess is a build up of lactic acid. Take a potassium supplement and drink a gal. of water a day.

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    i run track also it seemed to help a lot when i took ZMA before bedtime this is also a lil expensive but it works, i would also recommend having a better kool down after your workout to flush out that excess lactic, or you could not be in good shape yet and thats why you are so sore
    peace dude

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    If you want to save $$$, instead of taking an actual ZMA supplement, just buy separate bottles of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. -BB

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