Wondering if anyone has any opinions, suggestions, comments about this.

Im very experienced recreational user of GHB but understand it does have a place in a body-builders arsenal, and have decided Id like to add it to mine.

My idea is to take 1-test by vpx for 2 weeks, as well, use a sleep aiding dosage of GHB everynight before bed for 4 weeks, then spend the 5th week tapering down the GHB dose by half itself eachday till reaching .5 grams and then stopping its use altogether. I have never used any pro-hormones, so does anyone have any suggestions? How much 1-test should I take over that 2 weeks? How many times a day? How often everyday? Ive heard you should up calories with this stuff, I was thinking adding 500-1,000 more calories to my daily diet, do you also take the stuff on non-workout days (saturday and sunday for me) ? Once off the 2 weeks of 1-test, should I take anything else?

I've read many places that GHB releases an increase of prolactin(¿SP?) as well as growth hormone . Ive heard that this prolactin counteracts the GH released making the GH releasing effects of GHB diminished. Does anyone know anything about prolactin and its effects on GH? If this IS true, that prolactin counteracts with the GH, then taking Bromocriptine with the GHB everynight, would eliminate the prolactines hence the balance swings far more to the anabolic side. It seems like common logic to me, and people PLEASE dont get me wrong, im not trying to use GHB as a replacement for taking growth hormone or something, I just have no intent of ever using any anabolic steroids , but am looking to gain every possible edge I can.

Also, ive heard so many conflicting reports about this, but how many grams of protein can ones body digest at a single sitting? Does this amount change after a workout? bedtime? etc. Does the supplement 'Aminogen' which is said to increase protein absorption help with allowing the body to digest more protein at a sitting or is it just another scam product?

Thanks for all your help peeps, and dont knock me for using a recreational drug, cause if you think GHB is bad, you dont wanna know about my habit of railing blow