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    weight loss supp. and exercise?

    isn't weight loss supplements like xenadrine harmful for your heart if you intensely exercise like track? doesn't it make your heart work too hard. I need to lose weight but i also don't want to kill myself. any help please?

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    It will dehydrate you faster. Make sure you carry a water bottle and eat a diet with enough carbohydrates to allow full hydration - if you are an endurance athlete. And don't over do it. Ephedrine is more dangerous if used alone in high doses rather than in a synergistic stack, like Xenadrine - where lower doses are effective.

    If you are healthy, eat right, drink plenty of fluids - you'll be fine.

    Some interesting findings on Ephedrine (especially the female group being more effected):

    • Cardiovascular and nervous system most commonly affected
    • Patterns of symptoms consistent across different populations
    • Occurred both in healthy individuals and those with underlying disease
    • Majority of events (>75%) occurred in females
    • Many signs and symptoms occurred in young adults who are normally at low risk for the described events (e.g. heart attack and stroke)
    • 84% of cases reported in people <49 years of age
    • 59% of SAEs occurred within 4 weeks of starting; 14% on the first day
    • 92% of SAEs occurred in people trying to lose weight or increase energy; 5% for athletic enhancement; 2% for recreational euphoria

    Serious Adverse Events (SAE)

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    Good Post!

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