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    best way to get most calories?

    How is the best way to get the most calories?
    Though your protein drinks/shakes? or through meals? or?
    My situation is for bulk/mass....shootin for about 6k calories a day.
    Also...what are some good cheater ways to get calories? Like peanut butter in with the protein shakes.
    Thanks all.

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    Myoplex and PEANUT butter. Peanut butter provides a huge punch in calories, as well as good fats and protein. Peanut butter with bread provides an amino acid balance for a complete protein (a trick vegetarians must use to get the right amout of amino acids to build muscle. With out the right amount and balance of aminos - muscle can not be built. And unfortunatly for vegetarians, animal proteins have the highest biological availability).

    Peanut butter sandwiches will give you a good way to fill in caloric defecits.

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