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Thread: 1-testosterone

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    Has anyone heard of this stuff? I know the media always hypes up stuff such as this in the past especially Andro and all of the other pro-hormones but does anyone know anything about 1-testosterone ? I am assuming it is no better than any of the others in the catg. Especially figuring what the cost would be you could by the real deal. Here's the article I read on it. Just curious what others knew about it?

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    prohormones are a waste of money....too little gains and alot of sides

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    Just save your money for the real stuff.

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    Why have the candy when you can have the cake?

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    Jesus, this storm again. There's a little bit of info on the board, but much more can be found on (if you want to do searches and such).

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    Yeah bro save your money for the real stuff.

    I did a 6 week topical cycle of 1-test and 4-ad and only gained 12 pounds, and I only lost an inch around my waist. If that isn't janky enough, it has been four weeks and I lost one of the frickin pounds. Can you believe that? You gain only twelve and you end up only keeping 11 of it, what a crock. There went 150 bucks straight down the drain.

    Of course I was eating around maintainance calories and it was a 6week cycle, but the guys that bulk with this stuff for eight to ten weeks usually only gain 15-22 pounds which kinda sucks if you are eating 5-8,000 calories a day and only gain 20 pounds to show for it.

    Save your money bro...

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    chinups Guest
    1-AD works for me. But then agian I have pumped my body with tons of real shit. Just take some supps after u stop taking the andro to bring u back to normal.........Don't believe the haters!

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    Ok, any OTC test booster or what not compared to the real thing, of course isn't going to be worth it. Comparing it to juice is like trying to compare a firecracker to a stick of dynamite. Now if steroids are something you don't wish to use and OTC supps are what you're looking for I would have to say yes it's a good product. I've seen people on 1-AD and such products that do produce some good but small gains. Even though it's OTC you still need to cycle it I believe something like 4 weeks on 1 or 2 weeks off or 6 weeks on and 3 weeks off.

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