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Thread: AMINO - dogma

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    AMINO - dogma

    I've used all kinds of amino...and took all kind of doses...but I dont feel like I ever expirienced some gains from it ....can anyone tell me their expiriences.....Thanx

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    The Branched-Chain Amino Acids (isoleucine, leucine, and valine) make up 35 percent of your muscle's amino acid content. BCAA's are easily burned during exercise. You need to get them, and the other 9 essential amino acids from your diet. You have to or you will never make an ounce of muscle growth. Your body can not make them like it can the other aminos. However if you follow a balance diet and take a quality Whey protein you should be able to get plenty without a seperate Amino sup.

    If you want muscle growth and have a balance diet with a good Whey supp then really the only amino acid you should take is a nonessential but conditionly essential, Glutamine. Glutamine makes up, like 60 percent of your muscle - so if you do not get enough Glutamine you simply can't grow either. Glutamine helps prevent overtraining, improve the immune system, and has been linked to improving Growth Hormone spikes.

    So are Amino's taken alone worth it? Glutamine is, deffinitly... but the others depend on how square your diet is (like if for some reason you are vegetarian)...

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