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    *Supplement Times* Please Help me here!

    Hey Everyone...THis is my first time Posting here...Iv been posting mainly at and other ones..but im liking this one now!

    Im going to post my diet and post when i take the supplements i plan on taking ok....Here are the list of supplements..They are marked with stars ok "*"

    -Weight gainner
    -Multivitamin---WHEN SHOULD I TAKE THESE?

    OK here is my diet and where i plan to take the supplements ok?

    Meal 1---6 Full eggs---Oatmeal---Flax Oil *Creatine* *WHEY*

    During my 10am college class---Big jug of yogart with *WHEY* mixed in with it...And a jub of milk

    meal 3---2 Chicken Breasts with Baked Patato

    meal 4---Pre workout shake--*WHEY* with Milk...should i have Creatine?

    meal 5---post workout shake --*WHEY* With *Creatine* dextrose mix

    meal 6--- BIG Ground beef patty with Pasta Noodles Or should i have a Weight Gainner Shake?

    Dinner (6:30)---Either steak with patato or Chicken with Rice or pasta

    After dinner---Weight gainner shake

    Before bed---3 glasses of milk mixed with WHEY and Flax Oil

    What do you all think....SOrry if it seems very confusing....

    Thank you so much Everyone!

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    ADD THESE FOR SURE: Glutamine, Flax Seed oil, ALA, Milk Thisle. Something to think about: CLA???, ZMA????
    I take my multi- in the AM and PM 7am, and 8pm.
    Good luck bro

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