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    Creatine and Breaking Out in Hives

    I was off creatine for 2 months and just started again. While I was in my 2nd week off, I had a reaction where I broke out in total bumpy red and white hives on my arms, hands, legs, and stomach. This happened again over the past couple of days while I re-started the creatine. Does anybody think this reaction is to the creatine or has anybody had similar experiences?

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    I don't think so. You could be having a possible allergic reasction to some type of medication or food... I doubt to Creatine - it is an abundant naturally occuring substance in your body.

    If you begin to have difficulting breathing be sure to go to the doctor immediatly.

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    I got a serious allergic reaction to Cell Tech Creatine..Severe itching all over when I would sweat and after showers..I hear allergies to creatine are more common than most think.

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