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    mag-10 first cycle

    im on the second day of my first mag-10 cycle. im following the t-mag workout and diet. im taking the mag-10 once a day, i took it two times my first day. i don't have enough money to take it twice. i supplement with creatine, glutamine, and multi vitamins along with my mag-10. i take the mag-10 in the morning and go about my day, i lift twice and eat alot. first question- i was wondering if i should supplement the creatine after i lift or before, or both. i take 5 grams of creatine and 5 grams of glutamine after both times i lift in the same bottle.second question- should i separate my glutamine and creatine doses after lifting or do they work alright together? any other ideas are welcome thanks.

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    GLutamine and creatine are very good together. And i like one shake of that pre-workout myself. I like a protein shake after my workout. Just me. I 've done 2 cycles of mag-10 and its aight. I wasnt really impressed. I know its not what you want to hear. Just after your cycle work your ass off to keep the strength. I presonally think IDS's Pro-Androgen is f*ing awesome. I love it. I've also done 1-AD. And your basic Andro. But you will see good gains out of Mag-10 hopefully. Mag-10's formula was changed and they didnt tell anybody. It used to taste like bubblegum and now it taste like redhot candy or something nasty as hell. The old formula was off the chain bro. But train hard and it as much as you can and happy gains bro. Tyler

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    MAG-10 SUCKS!

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    I gained off of mag 10 but soon lost alot the strength gains after coming off. Hit the creatine hard when you come off!

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