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    Nov 2002

    creatine question

    hi was been taking creatine for 2 weeks (5 grams a day)

    well due to losing my wallet,
    i have to wait till i get payed again,

    well ive been off it now for a week and half,

    well has all the creatine gone out my system,

    also will it be ok to start taking 5 grams a day again, concidering ive been off it for a week and half ?


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    Ttay is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2003
    IMO ... i did Creatine loading in the past.. . hitting the gym as often as i can.. i bulk up real .. fast. . .. surprise wid my outcome ...

    jus keep loading that creatine in the right amount ...
    it will do no harm to the body cuz its all naturall. . .
    the rest all dilute. .
    no problem man..

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