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Thread: i need help

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    Cool i need help

    ive been training for almost 2 years now, ive supplemented with fat burners, creatine and glutamine in the past. Im ready to move on to stronger stuff like 1-ad and/or 4 ad, but i dont know much about those products. from what im hearing on this board is that most people have seen good results from stacking these 2 products. I dont know much so i would appreciate some advice on stacking these, or maybe any other combinations that u can suggest for me. id appreciate it if u can let me know about cycling, and stuff i should do in order to keep my gains, and any particular brands or specific products to buy.

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    Hey bro, just do a search on 1-ad or andro.....anyway, just do a search. There's been alot of posts regarding on what to take and how to cycle it. good luck.

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    All supplements won't do shit if your diet sucks, don't give your body enough time to rest, and overtrain.

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