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    Myostatin Blockers

    A lot of people at my gym have been raving on about Cytodine Myoblast. It is supposed to block the myostatin gene that regulates muscle growth.

    I know a lot of them use juice as well, so i know there not using the moyblast as a cover up. They all seem to be pretty well convinced that this stuff works. I am curious and would like to give it a shot, but i must admit i am still quite skepticle.

    Does anyone have any experience with the stuff? any feelings one way or the other ??

    If Creatine, Glutamine, andro...... all work to some degree, dont you think this stuff would as well, especially for the price ?

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    im on my second bottle of myoblast, still no results. I still have about 2 weeks left on this bottle, i havent decided whether or not im gonna buy a 3rd bottle.

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    I've never used it, but I've read numerous times on other message boards that it doesn't do anything. Like themanc84 said he's on his second bottle with no results.

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    i've read that you have to be genetically modified before birth to benefit from mysostatin blocking. those cows rats etc you saw in the ads where all specially breed to have low mysostatin in them already, hence the sweet muscles. with that in mind, find and marry someone who puts on muscle easy. force your children to do the same. in a few generations there will be not a trace of mysostatin in your family.

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    i researched this extensively. myostatin blockers are bullshit, and i wouldnt trust andro either. andro will either convert to vitamin d, cholesterol, estrogen or testosterone . your odds are much better with juice, atleast you know how it will convert. I have never had gyno with three cycles of juice but started getting them with one mini cycle of andro. screw that stuff. this new 1-AD is supposed to work though. The myostatin gene can only be changed at a genetic level as of right now. a pill of myostatin won't do anything but hurt your wallet.

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    The first month myoblast came out, I bought some off their website. At that time, I had extra cash and thought, well Ill be a guinea pig and see if this stuff works or not. Let me tell you, i got ZERO results from it. If i had anything at all changed, id tell you because i really wanted it to be real. but honestly, i saw nothing. those that are juicin and usin myoblast probably just give the myoblast credit its not due when really its their juice thats giving them their gains.

    STEELE: I did 1-ad as well, (at different times than myoblast) and I got great gains off of it. strength went up pretty good and i gained like 10 good lbs in like 6weeks. kept it all.

    hope this helps...good luck. -max

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