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Thread: xendrine stack

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    xendrine stack

    im pretty heavy and am looking to drop alot of weight. i do 30 min of cardio 4-5 times a week and im going to take xendrine but im wondering if there are any AS that can boost my weight loss.

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    I advise that if you don't anything about basic things like Xenadrine and what have you, stay away from AS. Your diet should be your first concern before any cardio, supplements, drugs, excercises, etc.

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    Work on your diet and wokouts before you even attempt to think about AS. You can go ahead and start your researc hthat way you're knowledgable when your time comes to start AS. Anyway....cardio 4-5 times a week for 30-45 minutes should be good. Throw in a good brisk walk after dinner in the evening can help wonders too if you're actuallt that over weight. Why don't you post what your daily diet looks like and we can go from there.

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