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    Best tasting protein??

    Probaly been asked 1.5 million times, but I cannot find it. What's a good tasting protein shake using only water and a shaker cup

    I will be doing some serious cutting this monday and want to stack up on some stuff..

    Also what supp. to take whats eca? Need something for a few months to cut down before I start a bulking cycle.. Thanks

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    Well, lets see....personally the best tasting protein shake is...PRO-RATED. Not to mention it's CHEAP. How about just cutting calories, as for supps, nothing can beat real food. But, protein, bcaa's, multi-v is a must. An eca is an ephedrine, caffiene, aspirin cocktail. You can buy them already made like, Hydroxycut, or Stacker2, Xenderene etc.

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    I like designer protein personally

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