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    thyroids problems

    hey, i'm currently taking thyroxin for an under active thyroid. is there any point to taking any supplements while i'm on these or am i wasting money? i'm going to lose weight from the pills, but i also want to keep my muscle. besides protein does anyone know of any do's or don'ts?

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    If your primary concern is loss of lean mass, increasing protein intake is the first step in combating this risk.

    Once your body is accustomed to the medication and your thyroid upregulates, you will not continue to lose weight provided you adjust your calories in response to your increased thyroid output. You may also lean out slightly at this time.

    Also, make sure to avoid calcium supplementation within the 4hrs before or after having taken your medication, as calcium is known to inhibit the absorption of exogenous T4 (AKA thyroxin or Levothyroxin).

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