I just ordered SAN's Infusion p r o t e i n shake. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. They only make one flavor, "Vanilla Caramel Swirl." I was worried the taste would be too much of an overwhelming candy flavor. However, it turned out to simply be a very decent vanilla with a mellow aftertaste. The nutrient profile is very good, a mixture of whey isolate and micellar casein. My only negative comment is that they advertise a lot of bullshit ingredients that probably make little difference in the end. For example, they brag about Flaxseed powder and acidophilus. When I want real flaxseed, I am going to buy the oil - not some weakened powder crap. Also, I can't imagine how acidophilus (a friendly bacteria found in yoghurt) could possibly survive in significant quantities as a powder.

The bottom line is that I have found a nice shake to add into the rotation when I get bored of my usual line up, which also has a great nutrient profile. Low in carbs, high in quality p r o t e i n.