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    Question birth control and vitamins

    i've got a quick question for you, my girlfriend does not have the best eating habits in the world so i thought it might be a good idea to have her take a multivitamin on a regular basis. my question is if she is on birth control if there is any one that excludes the vitamins she shouldnt take, or has more of the ones she should. thanks, just trying to keep my girl safe and healthy
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    Taking a muti-vitamin while on birth control is completely safe. She shouldn't worry about it, now as for a brand that's suited more for women I couldn't tell ya. I'll look tonight to see what brand my wife takes.

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    just stay away from the st. john's wort. this is a known problem. it reduces the rate at which certain enzymes are degraded so they decrease the level pf progestin faster (thus mitigating the BC pill). for the same reason I have also advocated not taking SJW while on juice.

    luckily, no multi will contain anything to woryy about. but be sure to read the label on other supplements.

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    good advice here. no matter what many say. not one person i know eats enough different things to avoid needing a multi vitamin.

    Make sure you get one for women with iron, Ive been told by medical staff that its good to check and make sure its in the multi vitamin.

    Im a pill fan so i always take supplements but a bottle from walmart or target will do as well as the "elite" ones.

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