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    hey i have some ?s and wanted to ask people that no what they are talking about unlike some msg bords.
    i take andro nitrate 3 fuel wich has 1 ad ec 4 ad ec and something called A1-EC wich is 17-hydroxyandrost 1 or sumtin.
    i wanted to no first off what a1-ec is and what it does.
    im interested in making my own supplaments at home anyone no any recipes.

    also will 1 ad 4 ad give me good gains?

    thanks for the help

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    you may get a few responses to this one bro, but most of us have never and will never mess with the imitation steroids . I've heard of people seeing decent results, I've heard of people seeing nothing. Here's my ? to all pro-hormone users: If these really are precursors to test and deca , and act the same way when put in the body, then wouldn't they also have the same downsides?? Wouldn't it be logical to just use the real thing?? Anyway, BUMP for ya and I hope you get some help.

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    From what I've heard you will see some good results with 1-ad and 4-ad. You might want to look around on here and see what they recommend for dosage. Now the a1-ec.....I have no idea on this one.

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    A 1AD/4AD stack can yield excellent results, however I suspect the doses of that product are far too low to be truly effective.

    Sourced alone, a 2-4week cycle of 600mgs 1AD coupled with 1200-1800mgs 4AD is a sound dosing schedule (assuming oral delivery).

    Can you post the amounts of each hormone per capsule?

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