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    What Is The Best Meal Replacement Drink To Take

    i would like to have you guys imput on what is the best meal replacement drink to take.

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    Lean mass matrix. The carbs are from actual low GI sources not maltodextrin (spelling) which has a GI of 105 but people still think it is good because it is complex!! Right now I have asked Prolab if they can test the GI value of the shake, and they have actually agreed to do it because they think it will help the marketing of it. Horray. When they get back to me I will post it up. Also has a nice mix of proteins and fats (sunflower oil and MCT oil) IMO it it the best MRP. A little pricey but worth it.


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    vpx micellean meal replacement taste good and will keep you ant-catabolic for 7 hours.has some of the best ingriedents in it.

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    opti rx from optimum nutrition is very tasty and is not to thick like the myoplex and others. The vanilla flavour tastes like maple cookies mmmm

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