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    Question Hives from protein bars??

    My daughter who is overweight has decided to go on a low carb diet, and has been eating Carb Solutions High Protein Bars, she woke up with Hives all over her. I suggested that she stop eating them immediately, what causes this?

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    I would ask a doctor is she allergic to any foods, choc, nuts....??? I dont think the protein alone is causeing this I am sure if it is even the bars it is one certain ingrediant. Also has she changed anything else in her life that could have caused this.


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    First of all eating low carb bars on a low carb diet is a bad idea.

    They lie about the carb content. Everyone I know that's on a low carb diet that's started eating low carb bars has been stalled in their wait loss, this includes me.

    The malitol (an industrial adhesive) is a carb, though a low glycaemic one. The glycerine is also a carb (an ingredient in suppositories). They manufacturers call them sugar alcohols and therefore don't count them as a carb.

    Sugar Alcohol does not sound like something that would be conducive for weight loss.

    My thought is that if you have to look for "treats" while on a diet then you're going to fail. I also don't think that any of the protein or MRP bars out there are any better for you than a candy bar.

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    I'd go with Pains advice, and I tend to agree with what demetri is saying anout protein bars.

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