Does anyone know the makeup of 6-OXO?

I've learned that doing a little research can save you a fortune when buying supplements.

Tribulus Terrestrius, the natural Test. enhancer, sells for a premium in capsule form. You can buy the powder for by the lb. at this site for $10.65:

If that doesn't work go to:WWW.HERBALCOM.COM

I mix a half a teaspoon in with a little coffee or juice and nuke it for 15 secs. This helps to dissolve it. Then you have to chug it down cause it tastes like shi...

Seems to have elevated my T levels a little, naturally, cause I now have a few zits on the back of my neck and skin is a little oilier.

I'm getting ready to start a cycle of 4 AD and dermal 1 Test and don't want to lose any gains so I'm gonna try some 6 OXO or find out what it's made of. Any of you think it works at restoring natural test levels? Would you advise taking it while on a cycle?

There's another supplement out there (can't remember the name) that your supposed to take post cycle. I checked out the makeup and it's nothing more than Magnesium, Zinc and B6. I already take those at a thousandth of the cost that they charge for that stuff.