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    How long till v12 kicks?

    I heard alot of talk about v12. I started it 2 weeks ago and so far nothing is happening. How long does it take to kick? Should I see weight gain, vascularity or what? Many people post that it is an excellent product and they recieved great gaines. I just want someone who tried it to tell me what to expect and when. Also what other supps worked for you?

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    i have heard that v12 is def not as effective as regular creatine....
    a friend told me it made him sore...but he got good pumps with 6 servings a day...felt it right away

    Big waste of money...IMO

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    I'm nearing the bottom of my v12 and it seems to work great for me. A friend of mine refered it to me becuz it supposedly has the nitrogen packers that no2 has. Although alot of people say both products are ineffective I feel a tightness in my muscles so it appears to be workin for me. Though one thing I have noticed and dont like at all, if i forget to take my creatine before i go lift ill crap up bad, like real bad. I dont know what that means, but it sure is annoying. Well anywayz, just my opinion.

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