19yrs old not really too brite on the roids and tryin to gain cut and lil mass check me out... and tell me

I am young and have a good build dont really want to mess with my natural test but need a boost

currently on the keto or c-k-d diet love it
Supps gonna take are

eca satack

First 6 weeks
1 ad and mag 10 as directed. 2weeks of eca then 2weeks of clens alternating every 2 weeks

after the 6 weeks are up the next 4 weeks
i will hit clomid 4 a max of 2-3 weeks with tribestan and the alternate eca stack and clems for the remander of the 4 weeks

after thst 4 weeks is up repeat again
tell me if its is good horrible some changes or if im just an idiot

thanx guys nick