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Thread: Yohimbine

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    I saw a doctor to try and get a prescription for steroids . He refused. I told him i had a low sex drive (I don't) and he gave me Yohimbine. I'm taking it on the theory that it will raise my testosterone levels . Has anyone ever used it to gain muscle? Do you think it raises your T levels. I have noticed it increases my sex drive a little but that may be from other reasons like it enlarging the capillaries.

    While I'm on the subject of raising T levels does anyone have an opinion on Tribulus Terrestrius?

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    Never heard of that raising your Test levels. Tribulus is ok for helping to bring back your normal test levels but remember its OTC and i doubt it would raise it over normal. If this is not post cycle and you just want a test boost that bad and tried to get a doc to prescribe, why not just go out and do the real thing?

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