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    Trac Creatine and Cell Tech?

    I have been taking cell tech now for about 3 weeks. I like it and all, but that sugar I feel is way too much post workout. Yes it does provide a great insulin spike, but is 75g's post workout too much? I'm more worried about my BF% levels raising, and I'm wondering if that much sugar will be converted to fat stores, despite being taken imediatly post workout.
    I was thinking of taking Trac creatine, with 40 g's of dextrose post workout, and my own ALA throughout the day....Has anyone taken this creatine, and is 40g's a suitable amount for a "spike".....
    All input is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    you could cut the cell-tech serving in half, i don't think 10 grams is necessary, personally I never noticed any difference between plain creatine & creatine w/ a "transport".

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    i dont think its too much if its taken after your workout
    thats just my opinion

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